Our mission is to create outdoor products that carry the spirit of adventure to new frontiers. We design, manufacture and market outdoor products to last a lifetime, serving our customers no matter where they roam

We create products that simplify the process of living outdoors, with the single goal of encouraging more excursions into nature. Our products allow adventurers more time to focus on the activities in the outdoors and worry less about the operation, organization and transport of the equipment. Through the specific integration of organic materials in our designs our products deliver a sense of harmony as they too integrate into their surroundings.

Commitment to Complete Solutions
For both professional and leisure users, we understand that reliability is critical, especially when the nearest civil outpost is hundreds of miles away. We test during design, development and after production to ensure all of our products will perform as intended, and beyond. Our products are designed for ‘lifetime’ ownership so we make aesthetic design a top priority; we aim to make them enjoyable to look at for just as long. All of our products work together. Stand alone we aim to over deliver, but it’s through careful design integration that we truly deliver more than the sum of the parts – offering complete camp kitchen solutions making it easier to live without walls.

Our bear safe option allows deeper adventures into the wilderness without exposing wildlife to the dangers of eating human food items. USDA United States Forest Service / IGBC Inter Agency Bear Committee approved

Northridge, CA 91343

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Thank you for 10 years of ongoing love and enjoyment of our products. It’s time for me to pursue new paths with a clean slate.

Kanz Outdoors is for sale, hoping that a new owner will continue to provide these highly loved products to the community of adventurers, overland travelers and campers.

Award-winning designer Harald Kanz founded KANZ Outdoors LLC in 2009 to share with others his lifelong passion for outdoor product design. Already as a young boy his imagination was captivated by stories of adventure and exploration. Fascinated by how things work in the outdoors, he sketched his first tent designs and fire setups while on camping trips with his parents in Germany. Read More >>