Harald Kanz 

Award-winning designer Harald Kanz founded KANZ Outdoors LLC in 2009 to share with others his lifelong passion for outdoor product design. Already as a young boy his imagination was captivated by stories of adventure and exploration. Fascinated by how things work in the outdoors, he sketched his first tent designs and fire setups while on camping trips with his parents in Germany.

Later he developed a strong interest in audio electronics, working as a sound engineer at leading theaters, radio and TV stations in Berlin. When he came to the US in 1990, he worked for the major Pro Audio companies designing loudspeaker systems.  His innovative designs have won many international awards.

When he was not designing top quality sound systems, Kanz used his free time to explore the great American outdoors and began thinking about how he could use his passion for outdoor product design to develop the proper equipment for off-road use and long distance vehicle based travel.  His Field Kitchen systems which he designed and refined over a 12-year period are the result -- meeting the needs of outdoors enthusiasts and professionals by combining high quality German engineering with elegant streamlined design.

Kanz lives in Los Angeles, California.  His interests include architecture, industrial design, photography and the arts.