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KANZ Outdoors Camp Kitchen K120, Vacant

It functions extremely well and is very easy on the eyes. I give a lot of items I've purchased a "Meh, works fine, as expected", and for that reason don't usually post reviews, but this gem is review-worthy. It has enough space for all that need, it is surprisingly light in weight (my back is grateful), the design is incredibly well thought out and did I already say it's good's really good looking.

The Thing About a Portable Bar Is That’s It’s Portable

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Self-Powering Travel Desks

The KANZ Outdoors Field Power Desk features 12V and 5V power outputs. The solar-charged batteries can offer three to six hours more battery life to your laptop while you are on the road.

Tested: KANZ Field Kitchen

The drawers swallow all our utensils, coffee mugs, and even a folding Sea to Summit bucket. A full-sized cook kit from Snow Peak, an espresso maker, bottle of wine, dish soap, six plates, a full set of spices, coffee making filter, and martini shaker round out the kit, with room to spare.

Kanz Outdoors Field Kitchen

KANZ Outdoors Field Kitchens even has a spot for you to place your camp stove. When you’re done cooking, everything closes up into a nice secured box. You can even have KANZ paint yours with a military stencil to give it a more authentic outdoor feel.

KANZ Outdoors Field Kitchen combines cooking and camping

What they need is a self-contained portable camping kitchen, where all their gear can be both stored and used ... and that just happens to be what KANZ Outdoors' Field Kitchen is.

Field Power Desk By KANZ Outdoors

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KANZ Outdoors Field Kitchen K120PF (Fully Furnished)

Extreme Weather Use: withstands operation in extreme weather conditions, like strong gusty winds. Its recessed cooking area and the tilted back top lid (which steers the wind downwards) provide outstanding wind protection, and when the wind direction is changing the front door can be closed as well to provide all-around protection

KANZ Field Kitchen

The combination with organic materials (Baltic birch plywood panels) gives it a unique look and feel, fitting the outdoors. When put on its optional legs it becomes a free standing unit.

Self-Contained Field Kitchen Is Ideal For Camping Trips

The Field Kitchen is designed as a self-contained unit that offers you full kitchen facilities.
Meanwhile, the aluminum top lid performs several functions. Fold it back to access the cooking range, use it as a windscreen, or dismantle it and use it as a serving tray. The drawers, shelves and dividers can hold most kinds of standard lightweight cookware.